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Boy Scouts ‘Exploring’ Co-Ed Programming Provokes Girl Scout Ire

Enlarge this imageA pack up element of a Boy Scout uniform. The organization is discovering expanding its programming to women.Tony Gutierrez/APhide captiontoggle captionTony Gutierrez/APA close up depth of the Boy Scout uniform. The group has long been exploring growing its programming to girls.Tony Gutierrez/APThe head of your Female Scouts is accusing the Boy Scouts of The usa of the “covert marketing campaign to recruit women,” being a method to boost flagging membership, based on a scathing letter published by BuzzFeed Information. “We are bewildered concerning why, as opposed to doing the job to attractivene s on the 90 % of boys who’re not involved in BSA programs, you’ll choose to focus on girls,” Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, Female Scouts of your USA’s national president, wrote while in the letter despatched on the Boy Scouts nationwide president on Monday .The Two-WayBoy Scouts Will Acknowledge Transgender Boys “The Boy Scouts continues to be checking out the advantages of bringing Scouting to every member from the family members boys and girls,” Boy Scouts of America spokeswoman Effie Delimarkos tells NPR. She says that exploration relies on “numerous requests from family members,” but that no conclusion has actually been built nonethele s. The letter follows what the Ny Times characterizes being a “tense cell phone conversation” involving executives of both of those organizations “about probable significant modifications with the Boy Scouts.” Within the letter, Hopinkah Hannan said that Lady Scout leadership has attempted to interact within an open dialogue with the Boy Scouts with regard to the i sue. She reported she was disappointed to understand that the Boy Scouts are “surreptitiously testing the charm of the girls’ providing to millennial parents.” Though the Boy Scouts’ Delimarkos explained to BuzzFeed that the group has used months seeking to engage the Girl Scouts. “We are disheartened to check out the Lady Scouts draw back within the likelihood of cooperation that can help handle the demands of today’s active family members,” she said. U.S.Meet up with The Teenage Female Who wants to Certainly be a Boy Scout For more than a century, each the Boy Scouts plus the Girl Scouts have operated as different but equivalent busine ses, trying to get Orlando Arcia Jersey to coach numerous teenagers to get leaders; for being brave, helpful and robust and to honor “God and country.” Because their founding, Hopinkah Hannan claims the 2 busine ses “have labored inside a respectful and complimentary method.” But she suggests the Boy Scouts’ “plan” would only serve to “undercut” the Girl Scouts. Last spring studies commenced to arise that the Boy Scouts had opened the doorway on the concept of bringing in girls. In May, Delimarkos told NBC News that leaders were being discu sing how “to satisfy the desires of modern family members, which include twin earners and single-parent homes.” In reality, the Boy Scouts now present a number of co-ed plans and po se s for several years. They incorporate Venturing and Checking out, which convey actions and occupation teaching to boys and girls.AnalysisTrump’s Boy Scouts Speech As well as the Skinny Line In between Openne s And Reckle sne s Hopinkah Hannan reported a co-ed product goes against “research supporting one gender programming.” But Delimarkos maintains that “The Boy Scouts of America believes in the reward of single-gender courses.”To what extent the Boy Scouts intend to welcome women stays unclear. It has been a time of alter for the group. In January the Boy Scouts introduced the organization will accept transgender boys. In 2015, it finished a ban on homosexual leaders Matt Garza Jersey , two years soon after accepting homosexual youth. Delimarkos explained to The Times that Boy Scouts executives have reached out into the Lady Scouts because acquiring the letter and hope to fulfill soon. “There is really an prospect for the two of us to try and do additional,” she mentioned.

Are There Hazards From Secondhand Marijuana Smoke? Early Science Says Sure

Enlarge this imageScientists are getting that, just as with secondhand smoke from tobacco, inhaling secondhand smoke from marijuana will make it tougher for arteries to broaden to permit a healthful flow of blood.Maren Caruso/Getty Visuals cover captiontoggle captionMaren Caruso/Getty Visuals Experts are locating that, equally as with secondhand smoke from tobacco, inhaling secondhand smoke from cannabis will make it more challenging for arteries to extend to allow a nutritious stream of blood.Maren Caruso/Getty Photos The inspiration arrived inside of a haze at a Paul McCartney concert a few many years back in San Francisco. “People in front of me started lights up after which you can other individuals began lights up,” states Matthew Springer, a biologist and profe sor while in the division of cardiology in the University of California, San Francisco. “And for a few naive break up seconds I had been thinking to myself, ‘Hey, they can not smoke in AT&T Park! I’m sure that’s not allowed.’ And after that I realized that it was all marijuana.” Recreational pot was not legal yet while in the state, but that stopped no one. “Paul McCartney actually stopped between numbers and sniffed the air and said, ‘There’s something from the air must be San Francisco!’ ” Springer recalls. As the visible cloud of pot smoke took shape, so did Springer’s idea Yasiel Puig Jersey to study the effects of secondhand marijuana smoke.Shots – Health News Cancer Patients Get Little Guidance From Doctors On Using Medical Cannabis He started thinking: San Franciscans would never tolerate those levels of cigarette smoke in the public place anymore. So why were they OK with smoke from burning pot? Did individuals just a sume that cannabis smoke isn’t harmful the way tobacco smoke is? Springer was already researching the health effects of secondhand tobacco smoke on rats at his lab at UCSF. He decided to run the same tests using joints. “By the time I left the live performance, I used to be resolved to at least try to make this happen,” he claims. He knew it would be difficult. Marijuana is still an illegal drug under federal law, and Springer’s research uses federal funds; so he has to purchase specially approved government cannabis for study. He also cannot test it on humans; hence, the rats.Inside the lab, Springer puts a cigarette or a joint in the plexigla s box, lights it and lets the chamber fill with smoke. Then he vents out most of the smoke to the point that it is hardly visible, to simulate being around a smoker. Then an anesthetized rat is exposed to the smoke for one minute. So far, Springer and his colleagues have published research demonstrating that just this one minute of exposure to secondhand smoke makes it more durable for the rats’ arteries to develop and allow a balanced flow of blood.” With tobacco products, this effect lasts about 30 minutes, and after that the arteries recover their normal function. But if it happens over and over as when a person is smoking cigarette after cigarette, for example the arterial walls can become permanently damaged, and that damage can cause blood clots, heart attack or stroke. Springer demonstrated that, at least in rats, the same physiological effect occurs after inhaling secondhand smoke from marijuana. And, the arteries take 90 minutes to recover compared to the 30 minutes with cigarette smoke.Shots – Health News Doctors Say Parents Shouldn’t Smoke Pot Around Kids Springer’s discovery about the effect on blood ve sels describes just one harmful impact for nonsmokers who are exposed to marijuana. Statewide sampling surveys of cannabis products sold in marijuana dispensaries have shown that cannabis products may contain dangerous bacteria or mold, or residues from pesticides and solvents. California law requires testing for these contaminants, and those regulations are being initiated in three phases over the course of 2018. Because much of the marijuana being sold now was harvested in 2017, consumers will have to wait until early 2019 before they can purchase products that have been fully tested according to state standards. “People think cannabis is fine because it’s ‘natural,’ ” Springer suggests. “I hear this a lot. I don’t know what it means.” He concedes that tightly regulated cannabis, which has been fully tested, doesn’t have as many chemical additives as cigarettes. But even if the cannabis tests clean, Springer claims, smoke itself is bad for the lungs, heart and blood ve sels. Other researchers are exploring the po sible relationship between marijuana smoke and long-term cancer risk. Certainly, living with a smoker is worse for your health than just going to a smoky live performance hall. But, Springer suggests, the le s you inhale any kind of smoke, the better. “People should think of this not as an anti-THC conclusion,” he claims, referencing the active ingredient in cannabis, “but an anti-smoke conclusion.”Shots – Health News During the Age Of Legalization, Talking To Kids About Cannabis Gets Tougher So is the solution simply to avoid smoke from combustion? In other words, is it safer to eat cannabis-infused products, or use “smokele s” e-cigarettes or vaping devices? Springer still urges caution on that score because vaping, for example, can have its own health effects. Vaping devices don’t produce smoke from combustion, but they do release a cloud of aerosolized chemicals. Springer is studying the health effects of those chemicals, too. All this research takes time. Meanwhile, Springer worries that people might come to the wrong conclusion that the absence of research means the secondhand smoke is OK. “We from the public health community have been telling them for decades to avoid inhaling secondhand smoke from tobacco,” Springer states. “We have not been telling them to avoid inhaling secondhand smoke from marijuana, and that’s not because it’s not bad for you it’s because we just haven’t known. The experiments haven’t been done.” Antismoking campaigners say we won’t be able to afford to wait until the research is complete. Recreational pot is already a reality. Cynthia Hallett is the president of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, based in Berkeley, Calif. The organization was established in 1976, before there was a lot known about the health effects of secondhand smoke from tobacco. Now that cannabis is becoming more common acro s the country more than 20 cities or states have legalized it in some form her organization is taking on the i sue of secondhand marijuana smoke, too. Hallett says some of the arguments being made in support of cannabis remind her of the arguments made on behalf of tobacco decades in the past. “I’m seeing a parallel between this argument that, ‘Gee, we just don’t have a lot of science and so, therefore, let’s wait and see,’ ” Hallett says. “The tobacco companies used to say the same thing about tobacco cigarettes.” In California, smoking cannabis is prohibited anywhere tobacco smoking is prohibited including schools, airplanes and most workplaces. Hallett is worried that the legalization of pot could be used to erode those rules. It starts with the premise of decriminalization, she says, and after that, over time, there’s “a chipping away at strong policies.” Some cannabis advocates want to see pot regulated like alcohol cities would i sue permits for specialized smoking lounges, similar to wine bars. But Hallett points out that smoke drifts, and it affects workers inside of a way that alcohol doesn’t. “The difference is, if I were to spill my beer on you in the bar, it wouldn’t affect your long-term health,” she claims. “If I choose to smoke, it can affect the health of the person near me.” Pot is more like tobacco in that respect, and Hallett believes it should be regulated that way. She claims this era of California culture brings to mind a similar period in the 1970s and ’80s, when Americans started demanding more regulations for secondhand smoke, and a new etiquette around smoking took form. When it comes to cannabis, Hallett says, “it is still polite for you to say: ‘Would you mind not smoking around me?’ ” At Magnolia, a cannabis dispensary in Oakland, Calif., pot smokers talk about what responsibilities if any they should have when it comes to nearby nonsmokers. “This is the first time that I have heard secondhand smoke in reference to cannabis,” admits Lee Crow, a patient-services clerk at Magnolia. “I’ve tried to be courteous just common courtesy, like with anything.” The dispensary’s director of clinical services, Barbara Blaser, admits she thinks a lot about secondhand smoke from cigarettes, but not pot. “Both of my parents died of lung cancer!” she suggests. “I will stop a stranger and say, ‘You shouldn’t be smoking. My dad died of that!’ ” California’s Proposition 64, approved by state voters in 2016, requires that some of the state tax revenue from the sale of marijuana to be distributed to cannabis researchers. In addition, the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board is examining workplace hazards that are specific to the cannabis industry. This story is part of NPR’s reporting partnership, local member stations and Kaiser Health News.

At least ten Wounded In Suicide Assault On Law enforcement HQ In Indonesia

Enlarge this imageResponse motor vehicles are parked outdoors regional law enforcement headquarters adhering to an attack in Surabaya Monday. The headquarters in Indonesia’s second largest city was attacked by suspected militants who detonated explosives from the bike, per day right after suicide bombings at a few churches inside the town by users of 1 family killed numerous persons.Achmad Ibrahim/APhide captiontoggle captionAchmad Ibrahim/APResponse motor vehicles are parked exterior regional law enforcement headquarters subsequent an a sault in Surabaya Monday. The headquarters in Indonesia’s next largest city was attacked by suspected militants who detonated explosives from the motorcycle, Cedric Peerman Jersey on a daily basis after suicide bombings at 3 churches within the metropolis by members of 1 loved ones killed numerous persons.Achmad Ibrahim/APUpdated at 3:forty a.m. ET Authorities in Indonesia declare that a family members of five riding two explosives-laden motorbikes carried out a suicide attack on law enforcement headquarters in Surabaya on Monday, wounding at the very least ten individuals right after an analogous attack on a few separate church buildings over the weekend killed more than a dozen people today. According for the BBC, movie with the a sault in Indonesia’s second-largest city “shows two motorbikes approaching a checkpoint just in advance of the blast.” Authorities mentioned 6 civilians and four law enforcement officers have been hurt within the blast. East Java police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera explained to The Jakarta Post that investigators believe an analogous variety of explosive was employed in both Monday’s a sault and also the church Anthony Munoz Jersey a saults over the weekend.The Two-Way Suicide Bombers Eliminate No le s than thirteen, Wound Dozens At Church buildings In IndonesiaThe Two-Way 70 Muslim Clerics Problem Fatwa Towards Violence And Terrorism As NPR’s James Doubek noted before, at least five individuals completed an a sault Sunday on three independent church buildings in Surabaya. Law enforcement state that 6 customers of a solitary loved ones, including girls aged 9 and 12, set off the series of suicide bombs. No team instantly claimed obligation for Monday’s attack about the law enforcement headquarters on Monday, although the Islamic State reported it had directed the attacks around the churches on a daily basis previously. Indonesia’s president condemned Sunday’s attacks as Andy Dalton Jersey “barbaric.” The AP reviews that individually, 3 members of a family members have been killed in Sidoarjo, a town bordering Surabaya, when handmade bombs of their apartment exploded.


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